The key to improve your sales is
to plan and to analyze your sales activities

and it has never been easier

Goldfish is great for planning and analyzing sales activies

benefits of product

Save time

Goldfish has several features designed to save time and make you more efficient.

benefits of product

Business Insights

Goldfish delivers reports and statistics based on your sales activies and time spent.

benefits of product


Goldfish uses the latest psychology methods to gamify the sales process. This makes work more fun and challenging.

Step 1.
Plan your sales activies

Map your sales process then drag and drop each lead to the right step.

Step 2.
Work and Goldfish collects the data.

  • Goldfish brings you one lead after the other in the right order.
  • Do the sales activity and click on the result. The data is automatically stored.
  • No typing, no searching, no opening in CRM. This will save you tons of time and bring you better aggregated data.

Step 3.
Analyze your sales activies

Goldfish tells you everything you want to know about your sales process. How many calls, emails, timespent on negotiation, outcomes and a lot more. You can compare different sales people or lead sources. You know faster if you want to continue processing a specific lead list or what lead lists that is the most profitable.

This is just a glimpse about what Goldfish can do.
There are many more features and benefits.
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